Religious Education and Culture Library

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The Religious Education and Culture Library category consists of 13 sub-categories and 400 different books. The total amount is 20.360TL.

Religious Education and Culture Library

Our Foundation, which presents the truths of Islam to the realization of humans and carries out Irshad works in our country and all over the world with the power it receives from our national culture, offers authentic resources such as the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah to your benefit with the "My Present Is Book" project carried out together with the Presidency of Religious Affairs.Along with the socio-economic and cultural change in the world and our country, our religious beliefs, moral values, and national culture are threatened. The propaganda of Islam's disbelief that tries to obscure peace, mercy, justice, and good morality and encircle communities is increasing. We carry the messages of the mercy of Islam, especially Türkiye, too many parts of the world from Africa to Central Asia, from Europe to America, against the structures that confuse minds with incorrect information and try to gain benefits by exploiting our religion.You can present to our siblings the religion and culture library category works that produce accurate and qualitative solutions to the problems of the age from Islamic thought. Click here for a list of books.

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