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We are standing by the people of Indonesia, where the earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred, and continuing our charitable efforts.


Indonesia, which had to struggle with disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions throughout its history, lost thousands of citizens, and suffered millions of dollars in financial losses.

In Indonesia, where hundreds of thousands of people have to struggle to survive in starvation, poverty, and humanitarian conditions due to disasters, the oppressed and victimized people are waiting for a helping hand to reach out to them.

After the disasters, shelter, drinking water, food, health and hygiene supplies are needed most in the country. 

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, which strives to reach out to every living the thing without closing its eyes to the challenges and hardships of the world, builds heart bridges by delivering the consigned and trust donated by our nation to the oppressed and the victims, even though we speak differently languages and live separate lives in separate geographies.

With your donations, we hope for the oppressed who have lost hope due to disasters in Indonesia, as they do all over the world and we help them to survive again.

Although our language, color, and culture are different, we instill trust in the world with our sincerity and the consigned that our nation shares from the heart without waiting and expecting anything in return.

By participating in this goodness mobilization, you can alleviate the suffering of the brotherly Indonesian people.

You can send your donations from “”, our mobile donation application, provincial and district mufti offices, TDV branches, religious officials, and contracted banks.

For more information, please call our call center "+90 312 416 90 00".

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