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You can reach your helping hand to innocent civilians in Ukraine and help them fulfill their nutrition, health, shelter and hygiene needs.


Ukrainian People Await Your Help

The tension, which commenced between Russia and Ukraine, has once again exposed humanity to the cold side of war.

In the war area, where human living circumstances are aggravated every day, the people urgently need medical supplies, food, hygiene packages, and shelter services.

Turkish Nation, which has been stood by the oppressed in all periods of history, does not leave the Ukrainian people alone.

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, which has been assigned to extend the Turkish nation's aid wherever there is an oppressed in the world, has mobilized its facilities since the first day of the Ukraine crisis.

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, which supports the evacuation of Turkish citizens in Ukraine, continues to offer hot soup, food, tea, water, and a variety of treats to families affected by the war on the border region.

With your donations, you can reach out to innocent civilians in Ukraine and support them in meeting their food, health, shelter, and hygiene needs.

You can also donate 25 TL by writing UKRANYA and sending an SMS to 5601.

(SMS valid just for domestic services)

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