Donate From Banks

Donate From Banks

To make the victims feel that they are not alone in the earthquake that is based in Kahramanmaraş and affected 10 provinces and to sustain our "It Is Time For The Charity Of Türkiye" campaign, you can make your donations from the tellers of all branches of the banks listed below and through the internet banking corporate collection systems without the need for an account number.


When you want to make a donation transaction through corporate collection through the bank branch, it will be adequately to tell the official that you want to donate to the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation. All our donation categories are defined on the relevant bank screens. Click on the bank logo to find out how to donate without requiring an account number through internet banking. Any donations you make in this manner will not be charged, and your donation information will be automatically transferred to our Foundation. 

You can easily make donations through the tellers of all branches belonging to the banks listed below or through the corporate collection system, EFT/Wire Transfer via internet banking.


"It Is Time For The Charity Of Türkiye” Iban numbers:


Turkish Lira: TR80 0001 0017 4507 9673 6652 70  

Euro: TR69 0001 0017 4507 9673 6652 74  

USD: TR53 0001 0017 4507 9673 6652 71  

Account Holder: Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı Genel Merkezi

Swift Code: TCZBTR2A

Click on the bank logo to learn how to donate from banks.
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