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We are not complacent in Yemen where starvation and thirst, we are striving to have necessary aid delivered to the region.


 In Yemen, which was the poorest country in the Arab world before the civil war and where you can see people begging all over the country and looking for food in the garbage, a child dies every 10 minutes from preventable causes. The Yemeni people, who are unable to meet their basic human needs due to the extremely poor state of the country's economy, cannot fight the diseases caused by malnutrition.

Increasing deaths due to catastrophic starvation as well as the shortage of clean water and health care have made the urgent need for support essential for Yemen.

In Yemen, which has a population of 24 million, according to statistics;

  • 12.9 million people cannot access basic food, 
  •  15 million people cannot reach safe drinking water,
  • 15.2 million people lack adequate health care, 
  •  Approximately 3.3 million children, pregnant or breastfeeding women have severe malnutrition and among them, nearly 500,000 children are struggling with serious diseases. 

The world's biggest hunger crisis, as well as the growing number of deaths due to the shortage of clean water and health care, suggests the need to strengthen our helping hand and aid reach to Yemen.

We invite the whole world to hear Yemen's cry to take immediate action, take measures and deliver the necessary aid to the region to prevent greater humanitarian disasters.

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