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We entrust your donations to the needy in our country and 149 countries,. We are working for Goodness.

General Donation

“Then fight in Allah’s cause– Thou art held responsible Only for thyself– And rouse the Believers. It may be that Allah Will restrain the fury Of the Unbelievers; For Allah is the strongest In might and in punishment.”

(AL NISA: 85)


Turkiye Diyanet Foundation operates in 1,003 domestic branches and 149 countries around the world, from education to culture, social and charitable services to supporting religious services and international aid activities.

    Turkiye Diyanet Foundation provides aid campaigns to regions where disasters such as war, crisis, earthquake, flood, and drought, and provides basic food and necessities to these regions through our charitable and staff.


 Your donations are delivered to the needy in 149 countries around the world, and donations made with general donations are spent on services according to needs. In fact, We would like to invite our charitable to donate to the general donation category, which plays the most important role in the delivery of many services and is available for immediate referral in case of emergency, as it is not conditional.

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