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We heal the wounds of our families damaged in forest fires and deliver your donations to our brothers.


Fires that occur at different points all over our country burn our hearts together with our forests. Besides our forests, we are losing our source of breath, our lives, our quarries, our livelihoods. 

From the first moment, as Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, we mobilized our staff and volunteers to deliver emergency aid to the areas affected by the forest fire. Our teams, in the areas of the fires, immediately detected the loss of our victims, promptly moved to meet their needs. Our citizens, whose homes, shops, and land are burning, are trying to survive with the aid we send to the regions. Now let us unite as a whole Turkiye and extend our hand of compassion to our brothers and sisters who were damaged by the fire. 

Let's sprinkle water together on the forest fires that burn us by healing the wounds of our brothers. To make our families feel that they are not alone, text YANGIN to 5601 and make a donation of 25 TL. You can also make donations from our online donation website, district mufti offices, TDV donation mobile application. 

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