Ethiopia Cataract Surgery

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By supporting our cataract surgery project for 300 people planned in the Afar region of Ethiopia, you can heal the problems of our brothers and sisters.

Donated: $24,681.66
Target: $24,797.30
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Ethiopia Cataract Surgery

Project Country/Region: Nigeria / Kaduna

Budget: $22.543

Project Code: ETKTK001

Slogan: Healing for the Eyes; Goodness

Our foundation is actively involved in diverse aspects of life, implementing projects that signify benevolence globally. We aim to bring hope and illuminate the oppressed in difficult situations.

Specifically in Africa, a significant number of people are experiencing vision loss as a result of cataracts, primarily influenced by factors such as hot weather, nutritional challenges, and climatic conditions. 65.2 million people, whose lives have become more challenging within the constraints of impossibilities, are waiting for cataract surgery. The inadequacy of healthcare services and ophthalmologists is pushing patients into a dark helplessness.

You can heal the problems of our brothers and sisters by supporting our cataract surgery project for 200 people planned in Ethiopia to facilitate the seeing of visually impaired.

The cost of a surgery is $76 in the country of Ethiopia.

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