Fast Donation

We accept your Fidiyah (minimum is 40 TL) given in exchange for the fasting that cannot be held and distribute them to families in need.


A ransom (Fidyah) amount is the amount of charity (alms) and it consists of feeding a poor person for a whole day as stated in the verse. One day is calculated as 2 meals. The person who has to pay a ransom can also return the Fidiyah in money. Fasting ransoms can be given regularly during the month of Ramadan or in bulk at the end of Ramadan.

You can deliver your ransoms (Fidiyah) to those the needy through the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation. The minimum Fidiyah price is 40 TL.

If you want to donate to this category through bank branches, you can also donate through the "Fidiyah" category.


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