Food Package

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With your donations, we deliver basic food support containing basic food ingredients and foodstuff to the needy.

Food Package

We consider every being formed by Almighty Allah as a sacred trust and a precious part of the universe's community. Consequently, we extend the blessings of Holy Ramadan with affection and solidarity, providing food packages to those oppressed globally, establishing tables of goodness, and distributing aid packages.

Within this scope, we deliver food packages containing essential food items such as flour, oil, sugar, salt, and regional necessities to those in need through your donations.

1 Food Package is 1000 TL.

Your donations in this category will be delivered by our staff and volunteers to our needy brothers and sisters all over our country, especially in the earthquake region.

If you want to donate to this category through bank branches, you can also donate through the "Food Package" category.


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