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We convey our nation's hand of compassion and mercy to our Libyan brothers and sisters so that they can hold on to life again.


We ensure that our Libyan brothers, who have been deeply wounded in the great disaster they have experienced, stand up by healing their wounds and hold on to life again by reaching the hand of compassion and mercy of our nation to our brothers.

The devastating flood disaster in the east of Libya has led to the loss of thousands of lives, leaving people homeless and struggling with hunger and thirst.

We are helping our Libyan brothers and sisters, who have suffered deep wounds in the devastating flood disaster they experienced, to quickly heal their wounds and enable them to grasp life once again by extending the compassionate hand of our nation to our brothers who are watching our path.

Following the flood that affected a large part of Libya, we are working to rapidly deliver emergency humanitarian aid materials to the needy regions with your support, distribute them to needy people under the supervision of our officials and volunteers, and quickly heal their wounds.

You can also join the relief efforts to support our Libyan brothers and sisters during these challenging times, just as Libya has not hesitated to provide aid during earthquakes in our country. Together, we can help alleviate the suffering of the Libyan people.

  You can donate 25 TL to the campaign we started with the slogan "Now! We Stand Beside Our Brothers" by typing LİBYA and sending an SMS to 5601, or you can send your donations from "", our mobile donation application and contracted banks.

 For more information, you can call our call center at “0 312 416 90 00”.

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