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In Sudan, where there have been several fatalities from the flood, our brothers are looking for help to recover their wounds.


 “Let's Heal Sudan's Wounds Together”

Flooding disasters are seen every year in Sudan due to the effect of above-normal rainfall of the Nile River.

Sudanese people are waiting for a helping hand to reach out to them as they struggle with disasters that have killed hundreds of people, displaced thousands, and affected millions.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and many villages are completely flooded after every flood, with many cities, especially Khartoum, Sinnar, and Sinjar regions, completely flooded and people losing even their food.

As The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, we deliver our nation's trust and consigned donations to the oppressed and victims in Sudan as well as all over the world.

Sometimes your donations turn into a bowl of hot food, sometimes a warm home.

After the flood, we quickly deliver the most needed food, water, blankets, medicines, medical supplies, cleaning, and hygiene kits to the region with your support and distribute them to the needy under the supervision of our officials and volunteers.

You can also stand with the Sudanese oppressed and victims who are watching our way in support of our campaign.

For more information, please call our call center "+90 312 416 90 00".

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