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We have launched our "Follow The Charity" compaign to deliver it to the needy around the world.

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On that account: We ordained For the Children of Israel That if anyone slew A person–unless it is For murder or for spreading Mischief in the land It would be as if He slew the whole people: And if anyone saved a life, It would be as if he saved The life of the whole people. Then although there came To them Our Messengers With Clear Signs, yet, Even after that, many Of them continued to commit Excesses in the land. Al MĀ’ıdah, 32,

We have launched the "Follow The Charity" campaign to reach the oppressed and orphans who have been suffering from wars in which even death is tired, to not be silent about the oppression experienced anywhere in the world from Palestine to Arakan, from Indonesia to Yemen, Syria to Somalia, to be the hope of our brothers and sisters who were oppressed in the face of persecution, not to leave the hearts alone and to deliver the consigned and trust that our nation shares from our heart to the needy around the world, starting from our nearest one.


  Within the scope of Humanitarian Aid, we aim for 4 main objectives: 

1: Protection of Life.

2: Health Protection.

3: Protection of Human Honor.

4: Providing Financial Support.

  Based on this point; we strive to become a foundation in the service of humanity by carrying out short, medium, and long-term humanitarian activities such as water and food aid, clothing and shelter aid, cleaning supplies, education, and health support, physical improvement studies.


We carry out all humanitarian aid works together with our charitable and volunteers. Together we are like the members of one body; Therefore, we feel every pain from our heart and we strive wholeheartedly. We invite everyone who wants to be a cure for a problem, to support.

To support this goodwill campaign, you can donate 25 TL by writing YARDIM and sending SMS to 5601 or you can make an online donation at


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