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Family Library

To be a family is to meet in the same world of feelings and thoughts. It is to share a life following Almighty Allah's will. It is to live with the awareness that they will be together not only in this world but also in the afterlife. We are aware of the value of our families that are the foundation of our society, and we are doing very important work for the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the family establishment. We support children, mothers, fathers, and young people who step into marriage as they do in every aspect of life. We wish to contribute to the spirit of the human being through our "My Present Is Book" project to our families of peace, tranquility, and healing. Keeping the family going on is as important as starting a family. By the command of Allah, we offer a gift of the "Family Library", "First Step to Marriage Library" and "The Library of Birth Present" to our needy brothers and sisters who have built a home to be circumcised by our Prophet. Let's all build together a civilization of compassion that begins in the family and spreads through society.

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