Protection of Orphan abroad

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You can support our goodness campaign to make our orphans feel that they are not alone.

Protection of Orphan abroad

Our Prophet Muhammed said, "If a person caresses the head of an orphan just for the sake of Allah, there is a reward for every strand of hair his hand touches." (Ahmed b. Hanbal, Musnad, V, 250). 

You can support our goodness Mobilization to make our orphans feel that they are not alone, to show them that there is someone who will always take care of them.

You can support 1 orphan abroad for a month by donating 800TL / 23 € / 25 $ per month. Orphan Protectorate against war, disease, etc. abroad. It is a monthly cash support program for orphaned children. Your donations are delivered to previously identified orphans. You can make your donation regular or once. For this purpose, children aged 0-14 will receive support.

When you want to donate to this category through bank branches, the statement should include "Orphan Protection Abroad".


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