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TDV, which extends aid to the oppressed and the victim wherever it is in the world, delivers your consigned to our siblings without leaving Afghanistan alone.


Afghanistan Awaits for Aid
Faced with the threat of starvation caused by the country's civil unrest and the recent drought, the people of Afghanistan are waiting for a helping hand to reach out to them.
As a result of the war, hundreds of thousands of children have struggled to survive in tents and camps in Afghanistan, where women were widowed.
In Afghanistan, where all kinds of vital aid are needed, especially the lack of vital materials such as food, clean drinking water, medical supplies, food, diapers, hygiene supplies, and shelter continues to increase day by day.
According to the United Nations (UN), about 15 million people are currently malnourished in the country.
Afghanistan is also among the top five countries in the world that need humanitarian aid, according to a report by the UN Coordination Office for Humanitarian Affairs.
Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, which has made it its duty to extend the helping hand of the Turkish Nation wherever there is an oppressed in the world, does not leave Afghanistan citizens alone today as it did yesterday.
Until now, our Foundation, which has delivered significant aid to Afghanistan in the areas of Ramadan, Qurbani, water well, education. Accordingly, it has launched a fundraising campaign to keep alive the legacy of cooperation left by our ancestors and the necessity and the requirement of our religion.
With the support of you, we will heal the wounds of the people of Afghanistan.
You can help the people of Afghanistan in any amount from our page or bank branches to be there for them during these difficult times.

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