Mobile Kitchen

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Food and beverage are served in areas that are needed with our mobile kitchen vehicles.

Mobile Kitchen

As it is commended in our Holy Quran; "Help ye one another In righteousness and piety, But help ye not one another In sin and rancour." AL MĀ’IDAH, 5/2.

Goodness; to be able to share our joy and sorrow, our presence and our absence. All kinds of words, attitudes, and behaviors that will earn us the approval of Almighty Allah and that come out of the heart with sincerity are goodness.

It is the duty of us Muslims to treat all created with mercy, to help the one who remains in the trouble, and to reach out to the victims.

With the motto "The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people”, our foundation extends the helping hand of our nation to needy people in disaster and crisis regions to be beneficial to humanity.

Our foundation contains 1 “Mobile Kitchen truck”, which can accommodate up to 5 thousand people, and 3 “Mobile catering vehicles” for food and beverage distribution.

These vehicles are involved in various social activities carried out by our Foundation and in the works for our citizens in disasters and emergencies. Mobile vehicles are used to operate domestically and abroad when needed.

In case of possible disasters and emergencies, you can contribute to the healing of wounds by supporting the delivery of food and beverage aid to more victims with our mobile vehicles.

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