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As happiness expands as we share, you can contribute to our act of goodness.

Social Projects

Our Foundation, with its charity activities for nearly half a century and the awareness of the responsibility it has assumed, has been a hope for every soul in our country and the world.

Our Foundation, which reaches out to the problems and troubles of humanity with the social projects it implements with the support of our nation, continues to work in every field needed.

With our "Getting Started to Life" project, we share the joy of needy families by granting them Baby/Bride bundles that we have prepared through our volunteers for their newborn babies or young girls who are preparing for marriage.

With our " stitch by stitch goodness" project, we present scarves, berets, and gloves to individuals and children exposed to cold in winter.

With our "Reverence to the Elder, abundance your life" project, we contribute to the socialization of needy elderly people residing in nursing homes or living alone, making home visits, and meeting their needs such as hospital, shopping, food, cleaning, personal care, etc. 

With our "We Stand With Living Being" project, we leave food, and water to the street animals that are entrusted to people.

Through our project "1 Toy 1 Hope", we bring joy to the faces of children affected by war, orphans, the poor, the sick, those who are with their mothers in prisons, and who are unable to get toys by offering different toys.

You can participate in the goodness act with your donations, and write the project names above in the donation statement so that goodness prevails in the world, the pain decreases as you share, and the happiness increases as you share.

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