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We accept your sacred duty zakats and deliver them to our brothers and sisters who are able to receive zakat according to their needs.


“Zakah is for the poor And the needy, and those Employed to administer the (funds); For those whose hearts Have been (recently) reconciled (To the Truth); for those in bondage And in debt; in the cause Of Allah; and for the wayfarer (Thus is it) ordained by Allah, And Allah is full of knowledge And wisdom.” 



Zakat, which means giving a certain part of the income to the needy who are Muslims, is one of the five pillars of Islam and is financial worship. Zakat, which has the purpose of maintaining a healthy social existence, ensuring social balance, and which is the right of the needy over the rich, is extremely important for people to take care of each other's rights and to raise the welfare levels of the needy.


 Zakat, one of the lexical meanings of which is "be cleaned", is abundant and provides the income to be multiplied. Supporting those who are financially weak with Zakat and making the needy smile is a duty given to the wealthy of society.


When it is time to give Zakat, it is extremely important to do it without delay. For incomes that must be over a year, it is necessary to give within a reasonable time when the year is up and income is obtained.

To be able to distribute/use it for the good of the Islamic geography that is going through an extremely troubled period and to deliver the rights of the fallen to us, as the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, we collect your zakat and distribute it in line with the needs of education, shopping aid cards, Bairam, health, crisis regions, fire, flood, earthquake, soup kitchen, and orphans.

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