Why Regular Donation?

   The easiest way to help our needy, oppressed, and victim brothers throughout the country and around the world are to receive regular donations every month so that they can look forward to their future with hope.
- "The most beloved deeds to him were righteous deeds that a servant performs regularly, even if they are easy"
Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ); Sunan Ibn Mājah 4237

You can make a frustrated orphan, an oppressed, or a needy happy every day with the regular donation you will make.


Imam Hatip High School Scholarship Program

Theology Scholarship Program

Science and Technical Scholarship Program

Education Aid

Hafiz Scholarship Program

General Donation






Water Well

Protection of Orphan abroad

Domestic Orphan Support

Orphan Education Support Abroad

Support for orphan education and shelter abroad

Orphan General


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